What a year, eh!? Here’s a run through of what it was like to run a creative business in 2020 and get through a pandemic, then begin to thrive again.


What a mad year it has been eh!? From starting off with hope of it being our biggest year yet, to closing the studio for months, then diversifying and changing course and fighting to survive, to starting to thrive again. Wowee!

The start


It was going to be our best year ever — then March 16th — WHALLOP! Zero sales, cancellations and refunds. As it turned out, it would be July until we hosted another class. I’d actually been due to take that week off for holidays as I was pretty tired, there had been tonnes going on since Christmas and needed a little recharge.

Black Lives Matter

Creative Jungle Company

Big Hair Parade and sharing our story



Doing good

It’s important to give back as you go and we can always do more, so between lockdowns we ran free creative workshops for Age UK, a cause we really care about, had subsidised sessions for the Prince’s Trust (pre-Covid), ran fundraising sessions for Breast Cancer Now, took part in Ovarian Cancer Action’s Rose Garden campaign and donated to causes like Hospitality Action — all causes greatly impacted by the pandemic. We will do more in the year ahead. We’ve also been happy to host virtual classes with Imperial College — blending creativity and science, to run free family friendly sessions talking about the moon, plants and soon — hearts! We do get paid for the Imperial ones, mind. It’s also been great to be a volunteer mentor with Virgin StartUp and Mentor Black Business, to help some startups navigate their own challenges. So many friends are coming up with startup ideas I enjoy giving feedback on too — it makes me even more excited for the possibilities and changes that will come in late 2021!

End of year

Thank you and feeling blessed

Massive thanks to the 1,000s and 1,000s of guests who come to the studio each year, support us online and tell the world about us. You’re amazing!

How you can get creative with us

Stay safe, hope to see you in the studio soon and feel free to see what you can do with us below.

Co-creater M.Y.O — a creative space for adults, social entrepreneur, startup mentor, qualified accountant

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