I wish I had some more creativity and innovation in my life and business, do you?

I did, so enrolled on the Coursera course Managing Innovation and Design Thinking Specialisation, the first module of which was ‘Boosting Creativity for Innovation’, to find out more about what creativity is all about and some of the science and history behind it. I’ll share what I learned so far below.

So, what is creativity?

It is something that is creative and original, but also useful.

Useful can be defined as being recognised as practical by a sizeable group. So it isn’t just about whether you think something you did is creative, it’s whether some others do too.

Why is creativity important?

Before we begin on the history…

In summary. Recharge and refuel, plan, upskill, do — only if you’re arsed though.

Covid-19 hit the UK hard in mid March 2020 and London, where I live, along with the UK and Ireland basically shut down along with most of the world. Go home and stay safe, let this thing run its course. Totally understandable.

The creative business that I run and set up with my girlfriend Diana 3 years ago, M.Y.O, ground to a halt. We run creative workshops for adults in a studio in Central London. …

Feeling a little low right now? I hear ya. It being World Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re mid Covid-19.

Any and all emotions are totally understandable right now, but I’d like to share some tactics that may help you feel a little happier, the main reference being the currently free Science of Wellbeing course on Coursera. You can do them all from home too and I reckon you’ll find some of them useful.

Of course, first a caveat! Happiness means different things to different people and is a really deep thing. However, nothing ventured and all that…

I’ll explain…

I really dislike client networking at events and conferences! Do you? Although, I do really like getting to know new people. Sounds odd I know. I’d like to share an idea I think could make your networking event more memorable and fun.

The back story — awkard networker

I’m the guy awkwardly standing in the corner at an events reception, possibly sweating a little and frantically trying to spot someone that I know for fear of having to say hello to a total stranger — with the possibility that we don’t connect and it gets awkward. Then, what do you do? It’s a little awkward to…

Always got to end on a positive tone right?

So, the last while in M.Y.O has been a little tough, am not going to lie. Here I’ll run through what’s been happening, share any learnings and outline our hopes for the future! I’ve been close to publishing a few times, but then couple of weeks whizzed by, is now late July!

I (Sam) set up M.Y.O with my girlfriend Diana in early 2017. Quick recap on what M.Y.O is first, for full context. We’re an art gym for your creative muscles who is striving to provide a creative outlet to…

Image from @BBCNews article, linked to below.

An interesting article from the BBC discussed creativity and its link to wellness.

Here’s something to be happy about. New study reveals even just a small amount of creative activity improves your wellbeing….

We’ve known this for quite a while in M.Y.O as see it in the studio every night as guests and companies get creative with us. But, even singing, playing an instrument or doing any sort of creative thing is worthwile, it doesn’t just have to be arts and crafts. Everyone is creative, you just need an outlet. …

So, what’s the 1st full year at M.Y.O been like?

A year in M.Y.O

First, the Back Story

10 more tools to start your creative business

Ok, here we go. Third blog on this! You’ve got the idea and the team — covered in the first blogHow to start a Creative Business- Finding the Idea, the Founding Team and Always Learning”, you’ve got a little clearer on ‘the why?’, managing the to-do, market research, managing internal comms, gathering feedback, the company bit, name, logo, website, Google Analytics, Google Maps, newsletters and social media from the second blog Top tools to help start your Creative Business — part 1.

This is a little rough and ready — so saddle up!

Now, I run through each of…

Samuel Lehane

Co-creater M.Y.O — a creative space for adults, social entrepreneur, startup mentor, qualified accountant

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